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    Grinded Gears Vol. 3

    Huggy Bear
    Huggy Bear

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    Grinded Gears Vol. 3 Empty Grinded Gears Vol. 3

    Post  Huggy Bear on Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:39 am

    Ahh, in light of the looming national landmark day of Friday, I have decided not to rant about a specific car scene and or people.


    scratch You Know What really Grinds My Gears? scratch

    American Muscle. Now before I lose a what free pass my black A$$ has in this country, let me explain. I have no qualms with a 69 Cammero. I happen to have a soft spot for a 67 Fastback. There is also a special place in my heart for a 68 Hemi-Cuda. What is the trend here? Check out the decade. Back then, those cars were made for one thing only. POWER! The body lines screamed go straight –go fast. The engines made it damn near impossible to sneak out of the house and drive away. When you stopped at a light, any body with anything less than a V-6 or 8 didn’t even look your way. Now look. As the years passed and time took it’s toll on the minds of creators. It seems they have lost what made these cars classic.
    Cammeros have all but died out. If not for Transformers the movie, we might not have had a resurgence of this late model classic. Now slated for 2010 is the Cammero Black. Google it. It seems this car is coming back.
    The Mustang took a turn for the chicks in the 90s with its convertible in bright pearly colors. Give me a break. Stangs are known for the flat dull colors that make you wanna not buy it. Then you get a glance at the engine and all is forgiven. Well, not this time. I see more hot chicks driving stangs than anyone else. Now there is nothing wrong with a hot girl and a powerful car, but its gone too far.
    Dodge… Ohhhh what have you done. When I first glanced at the new model Charger I was like, wow. My grandma could drive this if it was an automatic. Than HOLY SHIT!! It’s an automatic. The lines opn the car suck, 4 speed autoshift sucks. And people who think the shiftronic is a manual. Kiss my ass. Than Doge drops a station wagon on steroids. Than an over priced viper. If not for the Challenger, the minnow would be lost.
    Not only that, These cars are not made for today’s gas crunch. Sure the fall and winter yields good prices, but if you live in a place with harsh weather, don’t even think about driving. Not only that, with todays rounds and turns, you will never use to 500 horsepower that comes with the car. You’ll be getting turn blasted by Civics and Evos all day. Like I said before, I have now problem with American Muscle. Wait…. Yes I do, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it.

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