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    History of 4th Gen MR2


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    History of 4th Gen MR2

    Post  SMP-VP on Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:28 pm

    Europe's V Edition

    While the MR2 Spyder was not sold after 2005 in the United States, it was offered in Japan, Mexico, and Europe until early 2007. As a farewell to the MR2, Toyota produced 1000 limited-edition "V Edition" MR-S cars for those respective markets. They are distinguished by different wheels, titanium interior accents, certain slightly modified body panels, a helical limited slip, and different steering wheel trim.

    Also for model year 2007, the United Kingdom received 300 final models in a special numbered TF300 series. A special 182 bhp (136 kW) turbocharged variant called the TTE Turbo (TTE standing for Toyota Team Europe) was available as a dealer-installed package. This package was also available for fitting to older MkIII MR2's.

    Production of the car ceased permanently in January 2007.

    [edit] Future

    For two decades, the MR2 has been popular among enthusiasts around the world, offering an affordable way to experience handling of a mid-engine sports car. Toyota is cutting down its selection of sports cars and replacing them with less aggressive "sports packages" offered on their more sedate cars. Many had hoped that Toyota would continue MR2 production because the leap along the price-axis to the next alternatives (Porsche Boxster, Lotus Elise and Exige) is so large that many enthusiasts would have to settle for a front-engined car, should the MR2 be discontinued. There was speculation that the 2005 model could be a hybrid car. However, the MR2 was discontinued after the 2005 model year. Sightings of Toyota testing a heavily disguised mid-engine roadster led some car magazines to speculate that a new MR2 was in the works.[10]

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