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Whats the difference between models? Empty

    Whats the difference between models?


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    Whats the difference between models? Empty Whats the difference between models?

    Post  jesse on Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:54 pm

    This question really depends on what you want to do with the car. If your building a track monster from the get-go, a Base or Enthusiast is probably the way to go. If your looking for a nice touring car that you don't have to do much too, the Touring or the 35th Anniversary Edition in 2005 might be best. Please note this guide only covers coupe options, not roadster.


    TCS - Traction Control System
    VDC - Vehicle Dynamics Controller
    VTC - Variable Timing Control
    MT - Manual Transmission
    AT - Automatic Transmission
    VLSD - Viscous Limited-Slip Differential

    Model Breakdown (2003-2004.5):

    Base: 3.5L V6 with 287hp/274 ft-lbs of tq., 17" rims. Only available in 6-speed MT.

    Enthusiast: Added Cruise Control, HID headlights, Aluminum pedals, Auto-dimming rearview mirror, VLSD, and TCS. Available in either 6-speed MTo r 5-speed AT.

    Performance: Adds VDC , 18" rims (18"x8" all around). Only available with 6-speed MT.

    Touring: Adds Leather seats w/ power adjustability, Bose sound system, and optional DVD Navigation. Available in either 6-speed MT or 5-speed AT.

    Track: Adds 18" Rays Track Rims (18"x8" front, 18"x8.5" rear, approx. 18.3 lbs per rim), Brembo Big Brake Kit, underbody aero kit w/ rear hatch spoiler. Only available in 6-speed MT.

    *Please note all automatic models Enthusiast up only had TCS, no VDC.

    There were no major changes until the 2004.5 model, in which the suspension was changes slightly to help alleviate the "tire feathering" problem a bit. I'm not sure the exact change, but there were some small changes in the suspension that seemed to help lessen the cases, though there were some still sporadically appearing.

    The next major changes wouldn't come until 2005. Nissan introduced the "Rev-Up" 300hp/260tq variant of the VQ35. It was featured in the 2005 Track and 35th Anniversary models (6-speed MT only). Major changes included VTC on the exhaust cams, improved internals, higher redline, and modified lower plenum. Also, all models recieved a new, redesigned front suspension which appears to have helped to combat the problems with tire feathering.

    The 35th Anniversary model that appeared in 2005 was a mesh of the Touring and Track model. It featered the same Brembo Brakes and 300hp motor of the Track model, but all the comfort amenities of the Touring such as leather, Bose sound system, and optional Navigation. It was available in 6-speed MTor 5-speed AT, though the AT recieved the 287hp/274tq engine and did not feature VDC, just TCS. The 35th Anniversary also feature unique 18" 5-spoke rims.

    The Z recieved a small redesign on 2006 to both the car itself and to the model lineup. The car recieved a slight facelift with a subtly redesigned front bumper, new Bi-Xenon headlights, and LED tailights. Also, all 6-speed models except for the Track and Grand Touring were equipped with the 18" rims from the 2005 35th Anniversary (Enthusiast AT's get the 17" rims, Touring get the 2003-2005 18" Touring rims). Under the hood, all MT models recieved the 300hp/260tq Rev-Up motors. All AT models recieved the 287hp/274tq motors.

    Inside, there were some spots of added aluminum trim, as well as new steering-wheel mounted audo controls in all Enthusiast-up models.

    Model Breakdown (2006):

    Base:Bi-xenon HID's, 18" rims, 6-speed MT only.

    Enthusiast: Adds TCS, VLSD, Cruise Control, Auto-dimming rearview mirror, aluminum pedals, Illuminated audio controls on steering wheel. Availble with MT or AT.

    Performance: No longer exists in current lineup.

    Touring: Adds VDC (manual only), Bose Audio w/ MP3 playback
    capability, leather seats w/ power and heat. Available with MT or AT.

    Track: Adds Brembo Braking system, underbody aero package, rear
    hatch spoiler, lightweight Rays rims (18"x8.5" Front, 19x9.5" rear). MT only.

    Grand Touring: Adds Brembo brakes and Rays Rims from Track model, underbody aero package, Bose sound system, and leather seats. Available with MT or AT.

    *Please note all automatic models Enthusiast up only had TCS, no VDC.

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