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    But its a dry heat-thermal coatings 101

    Supa Ninja
    Supa Ninja

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    But its a dry heat-thermal coatings 101

    Post  Supa Ninja on Sun May 24, 2009 11:02 pm

    As most of you all know heat is every internal combustion engines enemy number one. A engine makes more power when its running leaner then when its running rich, but due to the redicoulous EGT's (exhaust gas temps) we have to fatten up the mixture to reduce the predetention/knocking you get when the internals are glowing hot after the exhaust stroke.
    Well technology has advanved in this area due to the increasingly more and more efficent engine designs. yes the make more power but yes they make more heat too. Slap a turbo onto a already super hot engine compartment and now you can cook a whole dozen of eggs in there.
    I have a comprehensive list of the 3 top thermal coating companies, ones even here in good ole north cakalaki.

    I like them the best, they have the thickest coating and they don't bullshit about painting the inside like some others do.

    Great for non-turbo applications, lots of colors to chose from but they bullshit about coating the inside...question? how the hell are you able to spray a coating on the inside of a header?

    They have a plant located right here in NC. The military, OEM, and most racing federations use them so they can't be all that bad.

    Me personnaly for my app I want go with swaintech, its going to be a pretty penney but my engine compartment temps will drop significantly and the turbo will spool up quicker because the exhaust will be hotter which equals higher velocity. I'm looking at getting the turbine housing, manifold, and the downpipe done up. So i'll benifit 2 folds cooler IATs and quicker spool. NA's can see gains from thermal coating as well, lower temps means longer life.

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