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    Finally we have tuning solutions in the very near future.

    Supa Ninja
    Supa Ninja

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    Finally we have tuning solutions in the very near future.

    Post  Supa Ninja on Sat May 09, 2009 2:48 pm

    The EMS wars for our Si's have finally begun. On its 4th model year we are finally getting something good to tune with. COBB slapped Hondata with the guantlett 2 weeks ago by announcing they needed beta testers for their AccessPort. Yesterday Hondata threw the first punch by announcing details about the Flash Pro and the price tag with a release date of sometime in june. According to Hondata they have been working on it since 2005. I call Shanighans, its too much of a coincedence that they finally announce its release after another company starts beta testing thier solution. Hondata was holding out, 4 years for R&D ya right. They just want to get as much as they can from their over priced NA generic reflashes, and they did. Those guys are going to be hating life, they are only getting a $150 discount on the new Flash Pro

    So what is the no shit bottom line meaning of this news to us in SMP? Is 800 worth a few extra pony's, prolly not for most in the crew. For me it would mean I have full control of my ECU, a good tune from RLZ and some decent numbers. Alex could benefit from controlling his AFR's since his intake is causing him to throw a code, but a new intake is a lot cheaper then either a AP or a FP. Custom turbo kits will become popular and very potent, stage 2 cams will be making huge numbers, the SC crowd will finally be able to really tune their setups and get all the power they can.

    My predictions:
    NA will be seeing numbers closer to 300whp instead of 200whp.
    SC's will be seeing around 350whp instead of 250whp.
    TC's will be in the 450-500's on stock internals instead of bearly making 300.

    "So Ninja what does this mean for you?"
    I'm changing direction, my TSI kit is coming off and I'm going to piece together a 400+whp setup. I'm going to use a T30 w/external wastegate, sidewinder style tublar manifold, bigger injectors, bigger IC with bigger charge pipes, and either COBB or Hondata(which ever one suites my needs the best)

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